20 High-Profile Entrepreneurs & Do-It-Yourself PR Experts

teach you their step-by-step strategies to land TV, Radio, Podcast and Magazine interviews 
(even if nobody has ever heard of you)

Join thousands of people just like you and start getting into mainstream media TODAY!

When our teachers started out, most of them had no connections to the media. Now look at where they got featured:

publicity mastery summit featured media2

In few weeks you may be able to put some of these logos on your website. How about that?

Here's a Sneak Peak at What You'll Discover When You Grab Your Free Pass to the Publicity Mastery Summit TODAY...

You don’t feel expert enough to be in the media?

You are afraid that they will say no?

You believe that only the well-known can pitch the media?

You no longer want to pay your publicist $3,000 - $4,000 a month?

You know the media will propel you out there and you will be seen as the go-to expert on your topic and get clients without spending hours doing webinars or hundreds of dollars on Facebook Ads...but how do you get started?

If you find any of those questions circling through your head, then you've come to the perfect place.

We've broken down the entire process of getting into mainstream media.

Over 20 media experts reveal everything: how they got featured in podcasts, radio, TV and online magazine when just starting out and how they leveraged their publicity to get more opportunities, build their audience, and sell more products.

Each masterclass is decades worth of proven strategies, unconventional advice and experience - taught in a practical way so you can immediately put them into action.

And with your free admission, you'll have access to every speech for 24 hours after it goes live.

Why should you make it a top priority to focus on getting featured in podcasts, TV, radio and magazines TODAY?

Become a Trusted Authority

Build huge credibility so when people think of your field, they think of you.

Charge More Money

Increase your perceived value so people are happy to pay you 2x to 10x more.

Stay Cool 

Seeing yourself featured on media builds massive confidence in yourself.

Accelerate Your Success

After you've been featured you will be able to get your next media appearance much faster.

Make Valuable Friends

Form rewarding relationships to media people and influential colleagues in your industry.

Leave Your Mark on the Planet

Publicity is not about becoming famous, but it's a tool for you so your impact on the world is multiplied.

Who's Teaching and What Is Each Masterclass About?

I hand-selected teachers who are at the top of their game — bestselling authors, podcast hosts, producers, editors, and wildly successful entrepreneurs. Despite their busy schedules, these teachers jumped on board for this event because they want you to have the insights and strategies they wished for when they got started.

You will love it!

Here’s the list of the teachers and what you’ll learn from each:

Monday - September 5th, 2016 - Find Your Confidence & One Thing You Want to Be Known For

11:00 AM PDT

Terri Trespicio

Why Your Brand Matters (and How It's Hard to Attract Media Without One)

1:00 PM PDT

Heather Havenwood

How to get interviewed on over 100 media sources in 6 months without a expensive PR agency

3:00 PM PDT

Fionnuala Wall

How to Overcome Your Fear When You're Pitching to Magazines, Radio and TV  Over the Phone

5:00 PM PDT

Christina Daves

How I Became One of HARO's Greatest Success Stories & Got On 50 Media Outlets in a Year

Tuesday - September 6th, 2016 - Perfect Your Online Platform

11:00 AM PDT

Brian Basilico

How the Internet Can Help You Get Your Message Out There And Attract Your Ideal Audience

1:00 PM PDT

Jan Koch

Build a Landing Page in 30 Minutes to Grow Your Audience From Your Next Media Appearance

3:00 PM PDT

Caren Glasser

How to Use Video to Get More Visibility, Credibility And Authority Online

5:00 PM PDT

Jeff Herrmann

The System to Transform Your Media Audience into Raving Fans and Lifelong Customers

Wednesday - September 7th, 2016 - Nail Your Pitch

11:00 AM PDT

rachel kelloway

Bailey Richert

How to Land a Presentation On the TEDx Stage Within the Next 6 Months to 1 Year

1:00 PM PDT

Jessica Rhodes

How to Turn Your Personal History Into an Efficient Pitch You Can Use on Anyone Who Has a Podcast 

3:00 PM PDT

rachel kelloway

Rachel Kelloway

6 Simple Steps to Create a Pitch That Gets You Featured in Major Media Outlets

5:00 PM PDT

Paula Rizzo

How to Get Inside the Head of TV Producers So You Can Craft a Pitch They Can't Turn Down

Thursday - September 8th, 2016 - Crush Your Interview

11:00 AM PDT

Nicole Holland

How to Be a Great Guest that Podcast Hosts Can't Wait to Book and Recommend to Others

1:00 PM PDT

media maverick teej mercer

TeeJ Mercer

How to Crush Your Interview on TV so You Get Into the Show Rolodex and Invited Back

3:00 PM PDT

jerica glasper

Jerica Glasper

How To Get Published On Huff Post and Other Top Publications

5:00 PM PDT

Clories Kylie Publicity Mastery Summit

Cloris Kylie

Proven Tactics to Write and Land Your Next Guest Post On a Site That Has Your Ideal Audience

Friday - September 9th, 2016 - Turn Your Media Appearance Into Profit

11:00 AM PDT

Marie Grace Berg

How to Get Coaches Who are Few Steps Ahead to Promote Your Products to Their Audience

1:00 PM PDT

Cheryl Tan

Follow These Steps to Maximize the Number of New Clients You Get From Your TV Interview

3:00 PM PDT

Jason Treu

How to Build Extraordinary Relationships With Media People to Get Invited to New Opportunities

5:00 PM PDT

Steve Olsher

How I Became The World's Foremost Reinvention Expert and Got Featured on Over 300 Media Outlets


where you will learn how to land TV, radio, podcast and magazine appearances - and use it to grow your business ... And from now until September 9th, you can get access to these masterclasses for free

Here's Why You Should Attend This Free Online Conference:

#1 - Cut Your Learning Curve: Discover a Lifetime of Publicity and Business Building Strategies -- Directly From People Who've Done It

The teachers spent years to "figure it all out."

You can save yourself years of frustration when you learn the "tricks of the trade" and shortcuts from those experts who've done exactly what you wish to do.

The teachers will raise you to their level by teaching you what really works... so you can land your first podcast, TV, radio and online media appearance - and use it to grow your business.

#2 - You'll get a FREE Ticket

If you want to go to a conference in person, you will likely spend few thousands of dollars on the ticket, travel and accommodation. Besides money, it will cost you a whole weekend.

Here you can get the best strategies and ideas for free, directly from the comfort of your home. You won't have to struggle through the same mistakes as the teachers.

You can attend every one of their masterclasses for free, because they will be available to the public for 1 day after they go live. But you must grab your free ticket now, because these masterclasses will be locked up in the Publicity Mastery Summit Premium Member's area after 24 hours.

#3 - Practical Presentations That Guide You Step-By-Step Into The Spotlight

No boring talking heads! You get to see the expert teachers and I have a real, raw, authentic conversation about a topic in-depth, with takeaways and actionable advice you can use to grow your business.

What Makes This Even Different?

You can attend this conference from the comfort of your home

You don't have to stay up all night to make it to the masterclasses. You can watch them at your own place. 

You don't need to spend money on a plane ticket, hotel room, or expensive food.

Watch at your own pace

The presentations will be available online so you can watch them at your own convenience. During the free portion of the event (available for a limited time in September 2016), each masterclass will be live for 24 hours, and if you get the Premium Pass, you’ll have instant access to all the masterclasses and bonus material forever.

Quality lessons that work for the beginners, intermediates and advanced

This is NOT one of those events where teachers just pitch you their products and hold back information. I selected the teachers carefully after a short Skype interview to make sure these are people that add value to my students and inspire me.

This isn't just for people at one stage of publicity or business building process.

Instead, you'll get specific help with every step of your way, from expert advice on landing podcast, radio, TV and online media appearances... to proven strategies to use your publicity to grow your business.

You can't find this content anywhere else.


Most Common Questions

Is this event helpful for me in my situation?

If you count yourself to one of the following categories, this event will be very valuable for you:

  • You're an online instructor, entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, coach, speaker, author, consultant - or anyone else - with a powerful message that can help a lot of people
  • You haven't published a book or been featured anywhere, and know no one
  • You want to use publicity to generate leads for your business
  • You want the full training on how to position, pitch and perform in mainstream media
  • You have a general understanding of how getting into mainstream media works, but want to hear the strategies from the experts
  • You want to become an authority in your industry

Where does the conference take place?

Worldwide! It's an online event that you can attend from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

How do I watch the masterclasses?

After you grabbed your free ticket, I'll send you an email to your inbox everyday during the event with links to all of the masterclasses of that day. You simply login and follow the instructions I give you. You can watch the masterclasses from any device you like - computer, tablet or smartphone.

If I can't make it to the masterclasses of that day, how can I watch the recording?

That's easy. You can watch the recording of each masterclass for free for the following 3 days after its release. During those 3 days you can watch the recording anytime. If you purchase the All-Access-Pass, you'll get access to all the masterclasses and bonus material for life.

Meet Your Summit Host

Fabian Markl

Publicity Mastery Summit Host, International Author

Fabian created the world’s first online conference where experts share their best practices to land TV, radio, podcast, print, online media appearances, the Publicity Mastery Summit, to empower "normal" people to finally get into the spotlight.

After the event, the students have a step-by-step plan they can follow to create huge credibility, build their audience, charge and sell more products using publicity.


where you will learn how to land TV, radio, podcast and magazine appearances - and use it to grow your business ... And from now until September 4th, you can get access to these masterclasses for free